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Default Best Board for Young Beginner

Hello, you have heard this question probably thousands of times but hope still respond. My son, 12 years of age and 45kg, has completed a basic windsurfing course during our recent holidays. He has learned on a Fanatic Boards, I guess around 200 l, with Daggerboard. He is able to sail up and down and also (a bit) upwind.

He shows clear interest in continuing, which would be great because it would give an alley in the family . What would be the best board for him to continue learning. Obviously I don't want him to overstretch to prevent he loses interest. At the same time I would like to get a board that "grows" with him, so that we don't have to buy a new one soon.

AS indicated before I would appreciate some guidance. If you have answered this elsewhere a link would be great.

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