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Default 104 wood for futura 101?

Half a year ago I bought the 2007 s-type 104 wood. Great board! like the comfort, like the speed. I'm 1.89 m, 85-90 kg.
I use the 104 with sails from 5.4 - 6.5 - 7.2. Sometimes, in heavy conditions, the 7.2 V8 (combined with 36 cm Drake slalom pro) seems a bit too much for the 104.
The 104 with 6.5 GTX is perfect, combined with Drake slalom pro 32 cm.

Now i've noticed the 101 futura, and SB says it can handle a 7.5. Sounds ok, the 7.2 would fit beter on the futura 101 than on the s-type 104. But it's a pity to invest again a lot of money to change still quite new s-type for a futura, besides I love the s-types character.

What to do? Is it worth changing the s-type for a futura 101?

Other suggestions? Maybe combine the 7.2 V8 with another fin?

tnx you guys, great forum.
(The 7.2 V8 will be replaced later this year by an RS Slalom 7.2, of RS Racing 7.2 By the way...; my other boards are the isonic 125 and SB Formula)
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