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Bruce is in a dilemma that many find themselves in these days. He wants to leverage off a perfectly good mast, but what sails will work on it? Unfortunately, from sail brand to sail brand the character and bend curves of recommended masts can vary enough that compatibility and performance can sometimes suffer. Really, to get the most of any new kit, the sail should be matched with the recommended mast.

On the upside, Bruce can just stick with Ezzys and have proper compatibility and save some money. Are the Ezzys the best match with the iS111? Probably not, because the full on racing sail design is the most likely contender for that slot. Yet personally, I'm a big believer in matching camless sails with my slalom equipment because I like the way they rig and jibe, and if I might be losing the extreme high end stability or support through the lulls, I'm still quite satisfied. Since Bruce is focusing on a freerace sail as his prime target, something in the Ezzy line should readily meet his goals.

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