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Hi Roger,

I read about your hospitalisation, i hope it all went fine adn i wish you a speedy recovery. But don't push yourself (coming from a wannebe med student here! )

Thanks for the help on the subjects. I'll see this weekend if i can find any fins (I'm going to The Mission in Holland, don't know if you know of that event, it's my first time i'm going so i don't know wether i can buy stuff there) or at least check out some. I was thinking of the Select Ride 36 as its praised as a good slalom/freeride compromise.

As for the matter of the Go in chop, this is the situation: my dad uses a mistral Ntrance L (so a 220 liter board! 3 meters long and 90 cm wide, a giant platform to sail) However he bought himself a 36 crossover fin after wrecking the stock fin in sicily. We got to this place on the Calabrian shore where there was windsurfing going on and pretty good consistant winds. I first tried the flow with the 6.2 but i couldn't gt enough power out of the sail to get planning and waterstarts were exhausting so i switched o the 7.6 with the Go139 and the 48 stock fin, i go in and in the bay where the winds blew stronger i was really overpowered (once i got the sail tuned right, an arrows craze from 2004) and got planning, but i needed that bay wind which blew 3 knots stronger then the out of bay conditions. The chop was the same all over and so was the current, but once i got out of the bay (60 meters of sailing and you were on open water) the board, even downwind in full planning got pushed with it's nose into the wind and i lost speed, even with the perfect basic position i fell down in speed because of that turn. The waves were not even 70 cm high but the underflowing current was quite big so my guess was it was the fin. Now i do have a 40 cm select ride fin with more curve and which has never failed me with the smaller rigd (5.7>) but with the 7.6 i know i get spin outs (i tried in shallow water cuz the 48 was just too big, thats where dad ruined a 34 and a 28 fin, just to show u) so i desided not to rake the 40 cm fin and gave the sail to dad who was on the Ntrance (he likes the board, sails it in every condition, i'd see that guy doing wave riding with the Ntrance if i wouldn't stop him) on the crossover 36 fin (no brand, it was an epoxy fin which we got cheaply as a replacement fin) and he got planning in the bay and just kept going all the way till he desided he'd turn and go back. In my opinion that means there's something up with the fin because thats the only big difference between the two board and sailors (dad weighs 1 K less then me, and thez boardvolume is different but the length and width are simular) . What do you make of it?

Thanks Roger
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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