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Default 2004 Acid 74 question...good choice?

I have an opportunity to buy an 2004 Acid 74 (wood). Does anyone have any experience with this particular board -- myself not being familiar with the Acid line. I currently have a Fanatic FW88 -- ideal range 4.7 to upper 5's and a 2000 JP255 78 liter. Would the Acid 74 basically replace my JP 255, have things changed that much since 2000? I weigh 165 lbs and sail 90% of the time in open ocean swell / bump and jump / and very occasional small waves. Is particular Acid a good choice? -- with sails 5.3-3.7. There were a couple of guy's I sailed with in the past that loved the Acid's...but said something about there being a problem with the wood construction in the past.


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