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Default RE: 04 Acid question...right choice?

I used that board a lot. My favourite at the time and the 2004 Acid 74 is the culmination of many years of developement lead by Scott McKercher (ho then went on to develpo the EVO range). While the A74 by todays standards is kind of narrwo and long, there is actually a tiny bit of EVO charater in it still. It does have a similar concave bottom, quite a lot of rocker and parallell rails which makes it nice to push it in onshore stuff. One of the outstanding features of hteis board is excelletn control - in fact the overall sail range is impressive as well.

I belive the 74 will fell more modern than you JP, but also a bit smaller since the JP was (if I recall) in real life a bit over 80 liters. Regardsless of volume, width etc, the A74 will easily handle 5.3 to 3.7.
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