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Ian Fox
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Hi V, cant help you with the cheese scones but can say that due to a severe lack of speed wind conditions in the past couple of months, we have not really had any real opportunity to go "head to head" with the new production IiS86 against the very well proven iS87. Hopefully that will all change in the next few weeks and we'll be able to get real vMax ratings from the new model vs 2007.

In testing the protos the new model may have some edge in top end in ideal and steady conditions ( 2008 features DoubleFlat rocker vs constant on 2007 - so in combination with wider tail does in theory present a more efficent aspect ratio top end planing surface )

In the meantime, the iS87 continues to be a classic board in it's size, with really verstaile slalom and speed potential - plus it will be immediately available in your local market.

Cheers ~ Ian
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