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I've used the EVO 80 even with a 7.0, but I'm light, it was a superlight and very special sail (Hot Superfreak) and it not what you would call an ideal setup.

At your weight, I think 5.8 will be a good max size, especially with Ezzys being so deep drafted. But "max size" is also very individual and probably you could coax a 6.0 in it if you really want to push it. In proper 5.8 will probably be a better fit though.

As for the two smaller one, since you're doing most sailing in the light wind spectrum, I think a 5.2 will give you more tuning option than a 5.0. And with 5.8-5.2 fixed you can choose 4.7 or 4.5 pretty freely. I often travel with 5.3-4.5 and it works out fine for me.

I'l asked Scotty to comment also (he's your weight and obviously has a lot of E80 experience). He might be on the road though, but hang on.
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