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Hi, this is the thread exactly on topic for me. I'm on an F-type 148 and 10.0 NS Daytona or 7.5 Gaastra Matrix. My weight is 90kg/200lbs.

I managed to get into both straps recently on my 10.0 and it felt great, however I still haven't discovered the upwind potential of my FT :-(. I can barely stay on a beam reach and the other guys are always zipping back and forth way upwind from me. I followed all the previous threads about going upwind on Formula/FT boards and I know I have to push across the fin, however this makes it difficult to sheet in the sail at the same time + the front foot feels like it is going out of the strap when I try to pull it (straps in the outer position - 1 (middle?)). I guess I have to try the trick with the hips, but any more advices are highly recommended.



P.S. I am also starting a new thread about the 7.5 sail replacement recommendation.
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