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Taty Frans
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Hi All,

The 2008 88 has remain the same as the 2007 88, Why becuase this board is still so good and we didn't found any problems for it to change.

As the 99 and 111 we make some change in length and width..

As now both board is shorter in length and wider in width also Tiesda and Frank Diaz have add more volume in the tail.. and reduce the volume in the nose this makes it a thinner nose, but as more volume from the mast track down to the Tail this give's you more Volume and balance when standing on the board and as for middle in the moves is really great..

I am 73kg I have still been using the 99 and I like it alot.. The 111 is much thicker then the 99, same shape but didn't tried the 111 yet..

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