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Ian Fox
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Default RE: S-Type : 104 vs 93

Hi Guys,

Just to clarify: the sweetspot for the ST93 is blasting mode(powered/short chop) is around 5.8-6.5m (give or take a bit according to rider weight/style), but somewhat atypically, this also tends towards the upper end of the practical sail range for this particular board..
Even for a 75kg rider, 7.0m or more is getting big for ST93. Still rideable ? : yes. But ideal ? well, not really.

In my commenst above, I did not detail that the 6.4m S-2 (freemove) is also about the largest practical sail size for me for ST93 - but at the same time the ST93 really likes (and takes) being driven very hard in the right conditions.(water rough/choppy enough to hassle full race boards but still flat enough to allow ST to show its speed potential)

For Super-Jiber, with 85L waveboard and looking for ST sail range 6.6m and larger, the ST104 is going to be a better allround quiver option.

Cheers ~ Ian
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