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Default longboard Re-revolution

been in this sport since 1982 since my 1st board the original twin finned "windsurfer rocket 99" .
all this talk about longboards is great but there been many out there stating its a "kona windsurfing revolution".
I laught at this statement , for the most part the kona is no different then the original equipes MK I , and fanatic mega cats of old.
but hey if the hype gets more into the sport , the more power to it.

There always has been long boards always will be, lets call it a "re-revolution".

look for these oldy goldies as these old longboards live on in the sporting good for sale section of the newspapers under old cottage decks or in damp basements.

the real windsurfing revolution has been the WIDE BOARD.

there is NO substitute , the WIDE BOARD IMHO has absolutley revolutionized the sport. If this wide board concept had been around when windsurfing was running full tilt i would think that the state of inudustry and the numbers of sailors out there would NOT have dropped off so dramatically .

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