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Default Gee this thread is getting long... :0

> the real windsurfing revolution has been the WIDE BOARD.
> there is NO substitute , the WIDE BOARD IMHO has absolutley
> revolutionized the sport.

Surely you must mean technically, and nothing else. I don't see more influx because of it, and this, in spite of many people learning on those boards. Newbies still come and go.

Anyways, those end up taking up the sport, wide boards or not, end up with the quiver within very few years, and the Tupperware sailing, then drop the sport 'coz either it's too expensive or they see no return for it - sail port then starboard and so on.

In terms of promoting the sport and keeping people happy, I don't see it.

Those who stick to the sport, then as in now, are those who sail for fun, regardless of equipment. The pleasure we get out of it is a personal choice, not a function of the board of the day or the conditions of the moment.
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