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Roly Gardner
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Hi All

Not much wind here on the English South coast, but getting out when I can. Making reasonable progress actually and regularly planning on my Carve 145 with 5.0,5.7 or 6.5 rig depending on conditions. Wind range tends to be 10 to 20 knots but get phased by the chop. If this gets to any size I find uphauling quite difficult, soooo...

I have managed to crack beachstarts to a fashion; it isn't always the most pretty to watch but I get there! I intend to get some lessons for waterstarting but would like to do some reading first. Anyone know of any articles, preferably with illustrations, that would point me in the right direction please? Alternatively, can someone give me a brief description of what the technique involves together with any tips/poiters?


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