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There's lots you can find on waterstarting if you just surf the web for a few minutes. furthermore the technique is very simular to that of waterstarting, i.e: rear foot first followed by front foot. But when you're in the water there's more too it though.
I've never had any lessons, ever, but i did learn a lot by reading and especially watching other (luckily i have a good brain to process a lot so i get around). One or two things i never found on the web were these:
1) in order to get you sail out of the water easily you have to start by getting the top of your sail out. You just swim along your mast to the top and grab the top of your mast with one hand and the sail with the other and just try to get some wind under your sail so you don't have to life all the water as you are used to with beach starts (Beach= you just grab you boom and life the bloody thing). As you get you sail lifted you keep the hand which holds the mast on it and let the other hand go and slowly you move along the mast slowly pushing it out of the water and letting it catch some wind so you don't wear yourself out or drown. By the time you get to the boom you sail is almost fully out of the water this way and you never lose control because you always have your sail in one of your hands.
2) You will be pushed under water several times, especially when your getting the sail out of the water. Try to youse the wave frequence as a sort of breathing guide so you don't swallow loads of salty water.
3) when you have your back foot on the the board start paddleing like a madman with your front foot because the sail will only life your so far, the rest is your upward propulsion from the water and the speed you get your front foot on the board without falling back in.
4) pull with your back foot. If your back foot in on the board and you start paddleing you have to pull on your backfoot because if you push you're gonne turn your board with it's nose right in the wind and well .. i don't have to go on do i? If you pull the board will turn with it's tail to the wind and you're sail will get more powered up and you don't hav to paddle as strong anymore and you get that extra lift witch gets u on the board.
5) your mast points the way you want to go. If your mast is facing the tail you have to turn your board around or flip your sail.
6) To flip sail: push the clew of your sail in the wind so the wind flips the sail for you, you just have to catch it.

Those are the most important things i learned as i was beginning to waterstart. Especially the first one was tricky because i never thought of it untill i saw a dude do it in Greece on a windy day when i wasn't in the water. (when you're sailing you don't really watch the others). Also: Stretch your quadriceps because after a while you'll get cramps (i was surfing in sicily and wanted to go for a final run after 2-3 hours and got craps at 100 m from the shore, bloody painfull m8).
since you're learning on a 145L board you shouldn't encounter too many problems so i wish you good luck and one more tip: don't quit on it if you fail the first 5 times, it's not as easy as people say it is and whatch out for drifting.
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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