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Default What Light wind board ???

I am a 100 k sailer whose light wind gear consists of a Fanatic mega cat (still great fun to sail in light airs to 20kts but slow to plan compared to a formula board - although I have reached speeds of 24+) , a starboard carve 145 (easy board to sail but slow top speed - again 24) and a F2 Xantos 295 (this is faster 27+ and can handle a bigger sea) I use Ezzy infinity's, 6.6,7.5 and 8.5 and a tushingham Lightning 9.4 which are great,I have tried a friends North warp 10.9 which I found very heavy and uncomfortable to sail.
I am now getting fed up with friends with formula gear planing earlier and going faster in 8 to 15 and having tried formula boards I'm not a great lover of 1m boards with 70cm fins and was wondering if there was an alternitive eg a big modern slalom board like a - 2006 Starboard Isonic 135 for example.I am looking for something 2/3 years old as funds are abit tight.
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