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I would still characterize the "step-tail longboards", one of them being the KONA, as a medium sized revolution. The long raceboards have evolved from subplaning longboards and perform very well in light winds. However, their performance and manouverability in strong winds are not as good. The KONA on the other hand originates from a shortboard. In fact, the KONA scoop-rocker line originates with one of the first really good semi-wide course race boards (AHD 310).
The KONA is sailed in a straight line like a 140 liter freeride, and it jibes very similarly as well. It is an additional bonus that the KONA works in light winds, in suplaning conditions.

What I am trying to say is that the KONA is VERY far removed from the original longboards, and is much more related (planing performance) to modern 140 liter shortboards!

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