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Default RE: iSonic Questions

If you can get on a plane then you should be able to go at least a bit upwind. On my FT138 54/9.5 but only 80Kg I'm already flying in 10-15 kts, don't even have to bother with pumping.

- are you only rying to point upwind after being well established on a plane?
- when trying to point are you just pressing down the windward rail (this you should NOT do instead, pull fornt foot towards you and tilt board a bit leeward and lear toward to front of the board (in your harness) and weigh those lines!)
- I think you might be sheeting in too early and too hard killing all power (and spinnig out/dropping off a plane)
- you might consider placing you MF further forward to conteract turing upwind (speed setup comes after control)
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