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Default RE: Question to Ian and Remi on iSonic 145/155


Search the "Windsurfing School" archives (Roger Jackson's Forum) for discussions on the F-Type 148. Roger is an expert on that board and has helped a lot of people with tuning and technique. (The iSonic 155 is apparently a slightly modified F-Type 148, still 222 x 96 cm, but with some more volume and some tuning of the tail area for more speed from things learned from 2006 iSonics.)

You can use a much bigger fin than the stock 56 cm with a 9.5 for marginal winds for earlier planing. I use the 51 cm True Ames Shallow Water Weed (which is like a 65-70 cm Formula fin wrt lift) with my 9.5. And I also plan to get a 64 cm or so blade fin as well for use with my 9.5. I use the stock 56 with 8.5/73, and go down to a 52 with my 6.6 (haven't tried that last combo yet).

I too am interested in feedback from the Starboard team on iSonic 155/F-Type 148 versus the new Apollo, wrt planing thresholds and recommended sail sizes. And why is it so long (250 cm) versus Formula and F-Types? What does that get you in this new design?

I posted a similar question below, but no answer yet.

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