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Tom Aylott
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Sorry to piggy back onto this thread but I was about to ask a similar question!! I use a Carve 145 with the supplied fin, a Drake 52. Sail sizes are between 5.5 and 7.5 and I weigh about 95kg. By the sounds of it I'm a similar standard to RichH, i.e. planing, reasonably comfortable in the harness and getting there with footstraps. Biggest issue I have is keeping up wind, particularly in non planing conditions, resulting in some very long walks up wind!! I've found recently that this problem is less exagerated when I'm using my 7.5m sail and worst when on my 5.5

Before I go ahead and move to a smaller board I really want to crack this going upwind problem and wonder whether it can be helped by changing fin size or style.

Anyone got any ideas??
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