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Default Acid 74 2005 vs Acid 74 2007 for 69Kg

I am 69 Kg and looking for a high wind board (4.0-5.0) to retire my F2 252 (52cm X 72 L).

I am thinking to buy a DRAM Acid 74 2005 which seems to be a bit bigger then the 252 (53.5, 74L, posossibly, more parallel/straight rails and possibly wider tail). A bit more bottom end power should be a good thing given where I sail (San Francisco Bay Area). Any idea of how this board compares with the venerable F2 252?

But more importantly: can somebody comment (maybe Ola) on the difference between a Acid 74 2005 vs the Acid 74 2007? With all the changes in shapes of the last 3 years it is a bit hard to keep track and decide which one to get!

thanks a lot!

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