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Originally Posted by Ian Fox View Post
You will find the new iS76 sails a little larger and requires a slightly different technique to the razor narrow Sonic52, however for both overall control and overall speed, you will find that the newer iS76 is a more versatile and less "peaky" design, which will be more significant in gusty conditions, where the "carry" (glide?) of the iS76 shines thru.

The iS76's "safer" mid and forward section rail shape gives a lot more confidence in chop, and really allows the rider to "press on" when they would previously be thinking very seriously about trimming or backing off !

Cheers ~ Ian
Indeed the Sonic52 is not exactly the most confidence inspiring board in steep chop, it takes me (still a recreational sailor) some guts to let it go when approaching a set. Still, it is (was) a wonderful board with a very demonic 5th gear, extremely controllable, as long as the sea is not confused or steep, and so easy to jibe (you can wip it around so nice!).

Comparing the two boards on paper the difference in the tail is quite huge: 37.3 versus 31! 31 is narrow, but 37.3 seems very large: my big light air 106 liters Lewis/Kinetic slalom has a 38 tail!

I am sure that that will be a big factor in making the two boards work very differently ... actually ... they are so different that it would be very nice to try the Isonic 76. Where? In Maui?

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