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Default More iSonic Questions...


Thanks for the input on the other thread below. A couple more questions (starting a new thread as my questions below got lost in the middle of a long thread):

1) From the sounds of the above, you seemed to like the Huckers better than the Retros for the iSonic. What did you like better about them?

2) For quickest planing on the iSonic what do you do? Head downwind and pump? Do you start with the front foot in the strap like on the F-Type, or is the technique different?

3) For control at speed, any tips? When I am going fast over chop (not huge chop), I feel a bit out of control sometimes, too much bouncing and heels catching in the water. I get a little more control when I put more pressure on the rear foot and lift the front foot to get the nose up, but I am still not quite comfortable and in control even then. This board receives very high praise from everyone on control in chop, so I am pretty sure it is a technique issue.


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