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Default Acid 74 vs Acid 80

Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
Comparing 05 and 07 is not so easy. They are very different in feel but both of them are favourites of mine. The 07 does feel more "modern" in a way and for some reason the more compact shape simply feel more right. The 05 had a certain kind of flow (probably due to more rocker) which I miss sometimes, but I never got around that it felt a bit "big" and long. I think both boards have a similar sail size spectrum, the 07 maybe having a very slight edge both with bigger sails and smaller sails.

So, hard to choose. The 05 is still a very nice board and at a good price probably a bargin. The 07 combines world class down the line performance with great B&J performance in a very unusual way and is very easy to get on with. Its just up to you to choose...
Well, I start to feel silly but after almost deciding for an Acid 2007 Wood 74 I got doubts about its ... volume. At 150 pounds is the 2007 Wood going to be too small for the sometimes erratic conditions of a 4.0-5.0 in the Bay-Area (especially Crissy)? Should I consider the next board up? will an acid 80 (but from which year?) still cover the intended 4.0-5.0 with comfort or would it be too big? Any difference between 2005/2007 Asid 74 when it comes to slightly underpowered conditions?

The questions might seem silly, but it is again quite hard to figure on paper how these new boards with new shapes will perform ...

thanks in advance for a reply

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