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Miami Slalom Series
October 13-14
Team Miami just can't stop! We will host the first event in an ongoing series designed to bring fun and excitement to the windsurfing scene in Miami! Racing will take place at coolest place on Planet Earth for windsurfing: Virginia Key (thank you City of Miami)!

Slalom fun, run what ya brung! The number one rule is: Everyone has fun! Long board, short board, Formula board, dagger board, experts, and beginners are all going to get together to show that this sport is all about fun and diversity. Hey we are all just windsurfers no matter what kind of gear we use, and whether we started last week or 25 years ago!

The wind minimum will be 7 knots, equipment choice is up to the competitor. The course will be a downwind multiple jibe course, with the number of buoys and the length of the legs dependent on wind strength. This will not be an "elimination series", everyone will race in every heat. Imagine, 15, 20, 30? boards of every description hitting the line and heading off downwind , rounding the marks, and off towards the finish line. In 7 knots, some may be pumping their way towards victory, and in 20 knots some may be just happy to make it around the course. The good news is that win or lose this is all about getting out there and doing it. So come on down and strut your stuff if you are a Pro, and if you are a beginner, come on and learn what fun racing can be! Bring along your non windsurfing friends too, because this is going to be a spectators dream. The winner will be whoever is smiling the most at the end of the event, and that will be a close race for sure.

Check this page for more information as we get closer to the event:
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