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Default Bonaire in Feb

Hi Sam, Ellen and Roger,

I'll be there Feb 22 - Mar 2, the same week as last year, so I'll miss you again Sam. Last year we had awesome conditions that week. I sailed a 5.0 or 5.5 m2 eight straight days. (Sam, you might remember that I'm ~210 #). I don't know if I could get that lucky two years in a row, but that's my plan. I'm gonna contact Blake and Dennis to see if they're game.

Last year, we stayed on the lee side of the island and it was really nice being able to windsurf all day and then watch the sun go down from the beach on the other side.

Roger and Ellen: If you'll be there during that time frame, let me know. I'm good for a beer or two.
Roger, hope you get some genuine R&R in the gorge.

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