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Default Small quiver.

Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
I' m actually a tad over 150 lbs and I would definitely not get a bigger board if you want. If anything both 74 liter boards are if anything a tad big for true all round wave performers, but if you'r not only riding very clean conditions this extra size will be good. Sama for B&J and backside type wave conditions. The 74 will be perfect. It (or both of them) easily takes a 5.3 too and you can squeze a 5,7 on without to much trouble if you need that.

Since You had a 72 l board before, I think you will handle the 74 when it comes to "sinking" so to say. And especially the 07 PA74 will be much more effective in light and gusty stuff than your F2.

Underpowered: I would say the 07 has an edge from its faster rocker line. Its a bit easier to get (and keep) going.

No silly questions. I know its hard to make these kind of decisions. We're here to try to help.
Thank you, it really sounds like the 2007 Acid 74 is what I need. The F2 gave me indeed quite a lot of experience in sailing with my knees under water! (kind of fun actually, if not exactly efficient). The problem in the Bay is mostly to get greedy ... you go out on the small board even when it is not a solid 20Kn+ ... and then ...

By the way, the Acid is the first step in building a minimal quiver covering 4.0 to 8.0 sails and (bay area) conditions.

Acid 74 / Isonic 76 (or 86) / Isonic 122, for sub-5.5 / 5.5-6.5 / (6.5)-8.0

Given the efficiency of modern designs it might work: I will finally stop carrying around 5 boards!

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