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Tom Aylott
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Default Planing/Tall sailors


I'm having a few issues with getting on the plane and staying planing, particularly when in the harness, as a result I'm struggling to stay, let alone go upwind.

I'm a very tall sailor (6'7" or 197cm and 15 stone/95kg) so even with the boom at its maximum height, it probably still isn't high enough as a result I probably don't apply enough mast foot pressure. Is the solution to shorten my harness lines? Will positioning of the lines make a difference?

The only other factor I can come up with is that I'm struggling to get in the foot straps, mostly cause I find it difficult to get in them, with boots on (cause its very stony), without unbalancing the board and pointing the board up wind stalling it. I've just learnt a trick to keep there shape on that though with tennis balls which should help! But at what point in the process should I be trying to get in the straps??

I'm sailing a carve 145 with sails ranging from 5.5 to 7.5



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