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Hi Randy,
The equipment is all very good quality. Not sure of the exchange rate ($US-$CAN) so I'm not sure how good a value you would be getting.
Might be good to head down to where ever you think you will be sailing the most and see if a 6.0 m2 Retro is going to be enough sail for a fellow your size.
The GO 170 will be good for your size, but you may either want to do some lessons on a Start or other board with a center board, or purchase the optional side fins for your first few times out on the water.
With no centerboard, and no experience, plus maybe some current to deal with (in a river perhaps) you could become very discouraged as you get "downwinded".
Get a few lessons to get you to the point that you can stay upwind on a board with a centerboard, and the transition to the GO would be pretty easy.
Hope this helps,
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