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Default Advice needed

Hello all....I'm new to the forum and to the sport. I've only windsurfed once about a decade ago in Jamaica. I really didn't understand sailing theory at that time and I almost made it to Cuba (thanks to my rescuers) In any event I have now become a sailor and really want to start windsurfing. I need help choosing appropriate equipment however. I want a progressive board that won't be outgrown too quickly and I was considering the GO line. I weigh 90 KG so I was thinking a 170 would be most appropriate although I would like to hear what you all think.
A local store has the following special:

Go Deluxe Package $2799 Canadian

* Starboard Go
* Sailworks Retro 6.0m Sail
* Sailworks Joystick 430 Mast (75% carbon)
* Chinook Extension
* Chinook Mast Base
* Chinook Boom
* Chinook Uphaul
* Adjustable Harness Lines

Do you think that the equipment is good stuff that I will enjoy cutting my teeth on and beyond? I'm not so much interested in the price as the equipment in the package.
Thanks for the advice.
Best wishes
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