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Default Best set-up to get comfortable with planing

Hi Roger / Ellen,

In your experience, what is the easiest type of board, sail, and footstrap set-up for a less-aggressive intermediate to build planing skills, usually in 10-15 kts?

My girlfriend (5'8", 145) has been sailing a mistral prodigy and sometimes a Bic Melody for about a year with up to a 6.9 m sail. She is comfortable in the harness and inboard straps on the Prodigy, and when it's really windy she can plane in the inboard straps (although it sort-of scares her). We've been trying the outboard straps on the prodigy with a longer fin and the 6.9 sail to lower the planing threshold, but she has trouble getting in them without sheeting out / rounding up / dropping off the plane. I've told her the usual tricks like hanging from the boom, bearing off the wind, pointing the toes, etc but it hasn't clicked yet and I'm wondering if there is an easier board or better teaching technique to use.

We're going camping in Rodanthe this weekend and bringing the gear.
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