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Default Which Isonic in replacement of FF-158/S-137 for early planing?

My husband (90 kg) has just sold his FreeFormula 158 from 2004 (100 cm wide) with his 11.0 m Sailworks Retro.
Reason: he didn't like to carry the really big sails and the formula feeling.

He also owns an S-Type 137 2007 which he would like to replace by an Isonic for the light wind conditions. The S-Type 137 doesn't plane up early with a 8.5 at his weight.

Now he is looking to replace the S-137 by an Isonic.
Sails: 7.5 - 8.5 - 9.5
Level: waterstarts 100 % and power gybes 6 out of 10

Which Isonic is best suited for him? Early planing is the most important for him, not the top end speed.
At how many knots will he start planing with a 9.5 at 90 kg?
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