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Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
Hi Davide

I'm far from wave board expert, but I thought I could offer you some thoughts re iSonics. By coincidence, I also plan to get iSonic122 as my biggest board, but the differences are: I'm 85-87 kg and I will use it with a 9m. I've tried it several times and while it's an excellent board, I think it will be way too big for your 69 kg. You may want to think about iS111 or even iS101 (Ola might help here again).
Hi Screamer,
I am not sure, it really depends on what you want. If you want performance in very marginal conditions the is122 might be too small for you .. or maybe I am not used to the perfomance of new boards!

Where I am now: my current biggest board is a Mike's Lab 74cm, probably 120-130 liters weighting almost nothing (it is basically an eggshell, it goes straight from the VW to the water). With this board, a 52cm Tectonics and a 8.0 (my biggest sail) I can sail with barely a ripple of wind. I expect the Isonic to fill this place when the ML disintegrates. An IS111 is a possibility but I would be surprised if it can perform as well as the ML in marginal conditions, while the iS122 is of very similar dimensions (a bit larger and compact, but probably with a bit less volume)

By the time I am on a 6.5 I just need a smallish slalom board. I am always amazed at the efficiency of a slalom board in respect to a bump-jump/freeridish one. Yesterday I was out suddenly underpowered and struggling with my 5.6 and my Roguewave (56x85L). I decided to give a try to my Sonic W52 instead of changing sail and ... bingo, I had a very nice session: the S52 is 52cm X 74 L !! (Both boards were on the same Tectonics 30cm Slalom).

So my rational is really: iS122 for very marginal condition, is86 or even iS76 for unpowered 6.5 all the way to overpowered 5.5, and then the 2007 Acid 74 for Bump-Jump sub-5.0.

There is a big gap between a is76/iS86 and the iS122 but it should work, the triplet is76, is96/101, iS122 is too indulgent! iS111 +is76/86? Maybe

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