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I see that you don't mind this thread (yours) has gone on a tangent. It's obvious what you want so go for it (especially if you have experience with the similar design and want every last ounce of light wind performance). I was thinking along the lines of iS122 whole range (bottom to the very top). In my experience, lighter sailors will meet their "overpower" point much sooner.
I don't think iS122 will be too small for me & light winds, in fact I was considering iS111 also (at the moment I use a JP114 + 9.0 - a bit over the top really). That's because I want max wind range covered, rather than many specialist tools. I've been on Formulas/other wide boards, and don't want to go back there. So my quiver is just two rangey boards (at the moment) - Kombat86 (4-6m sails) + largish slalom (7-9m sails).
Another coincidence (?), I've just ordered Acid74, I know it won't get as much use as other boards, but for those truly mental days it should work well (yes, a special case here, but I'm tired of getting hammered ). Are there days in Bay area when your F2 252 is way too big for you?

Ah, the never ending quiver woes
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