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Smile Getting out of harness, boom height, back strap and catapults

Hey there Roger and everybody.

I'm happy to report that I'm doing progress on my F-type, yesterday I had a first (planing) session, where I had to actually think how to get back downwind.
I was way overpowered on my smallest sail, 7.5 Gaastra GTX (sweet sail, just replaced my 7.5 Matrix recently), but I gave it regular downhaul and tons of outhaul and somehow survived these violent 7B gusts (it was really gusty yesterday).
Also, I set up the mast track almost all the way back (I've read somewhere here that it's better for the chop); it made it more difficult to bare off initially (how to solve that without using all this force?), but then the board would deal better with the chop.

Anyway, I'm still having a couple of problems:

1. Getting out of harness lines when on plane.
As advised by a local formula guy, I set up my boom 5cm lower for these overpowered conditions (normally, I like to keep my boom really high), but then, with all this chop I was unhooking unintentionally a lot.
I have adjustables, but I'll have to cut some rope off to make them go even shorter then their minimum setting (didn't have time for that).
Right now their length is such that I can fit my arm into the lines from my elbow to my wrist.
I wonder how people deal with lower boom position and fixed-length lines.
My arms just seemed to long to commit all my weight into the harness.
I'll try to shorten them, but maybe there are other things I should get fixed?

2. Doing massive catapults when trying to get into back strap.
OK, when I finally get my both feet there it's just sweet, but most of the time I'm scared, because many times I was catapulted really bad when I was trying to get into the back strap. What can be the reason?


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