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Default Which High-Wind ISonic 87/94/96 ?


i am using ST115 and PA86, and i am very pleased with the performance of this boards !

I am 90kg and using the ST115 with NP RSS 6,2 and 7,2 and the board works perfect with this combination - very fast and controllable; outperforming mostly anything else on the water. Love it !!

I discovered GPSSS with the ST115 and made it to 33 kts with 6,2. However, i want to push my personal limit further now (without going to the extremes) and feel the ST 115 a little bit to big for this.

I am looking now for some of the smaller Isonics; so either 2007 87&94 or 2008 87&96.
my trend goes to the large 94 or 96 as i think there are the better compromise between GPSSS and hi-wind slalom sailing. Also i think the larger ones might better carry the RS7.2
(remark : i will keep the ST115 for 7,2 slalom conditions!)

What would you suggest ? Which boards fits best to my objectives ? What are the differences between 2007 and 2008 models again wrt. my objectives? ( I think i might still get an 2007 model for a good price) What are the sweet spots of the boards wrt. sail size ?

What fin size you suggest for the given sail sizes either for GPSSS or hi-wind slalom sailing ?

Sorry for asking so much questions, but i am really uncertain which board to choose.
I would appreciate your advise.

Thx and regards
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