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OK, thats close enough to my weight (I'm 70).

The first choice is whether you want a "classic" wave board or not for those conditions. There is no competition to the sharp and direct feel that a board like you current one or a Pure Acid 68 or 74 can deliver and if there is any place such a board will rip its on Maui. That said, I personally prefer to stay on my EVOs also when I sail these really good spots. The EVOs are definitely up for it and if you like the EVO feel that there is really no reason to changes style just because you're sailing Maui. Generally, you need to go down a bit on volume to get the best possible performance in fast waves and that can be a disadvantage since Maui (especially winter Maui) is usually pretty light.

I think this reasoning holds both for your big and your small board. With EVOs 70+80 would make very nice quiver indeed. For me, it will have to be VERY light util grab the 80 for Hookipa and I usually try to put around on the 70 which is better at my size on this fast a wave. I would even like a slighly smaler version of the 70 for good Hookipa days, but at 5 kg more, the 70 will rip. For light wind days at Kanaha the 80 is a real gem.

If you go the classic route, the PA74+PA80 will work well and even the PA86 could work if you feel you need the volume.

Of course, combining a PA74 with an EVO 80 is an option too.

But my personal choice would be EVO 70+80 and I might squeeze the 62 i there too.
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