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Tom Aylott
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Thanks for that, was out yesterday and tried adding more extension with my 5.5 and it seemed to be a lot better, it was stupidly windy though so I was quite over powered. Even so was in the footstraps and harness just about coping with some large swell and shore break although 145 was rather on the large side for the conditions!!

A couple of other quick questions...

When getting into the front foot strap and weight is all on the back foot the board goes all over the place, are there any tricks for keeping it balanced?

I'm thinking of getting a smaller 2nd board and have been offered an aero 127 wood by a friend who is selling all his kit to fund a move into kitesurfing. It is a 2004 model and good condition except for some slight damage to the nose which can be repaired easily. Would this board be suitable for me as a next step? I can't find many reviews on the aero so a little unsure

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