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Originally Posted by Duracell View Post
- Downhaul is one of the major problems, most surfers just don't downhaul enough.
Well, my dealer says so, too, but also told me that I shouldn't overdo. He said the sail has to have a nice twisted shape, but with too much downhaul it doesn't work well as a sail and the cambers will have problems rotating (this is Gaastra GTX, 3 cams, dedicated Gaastra mast).
He also said just 1cm more/less downhaul make a huge difference, which I cannot see that clearly when I'm rigging it myself .

Originally Posted by Duracell View Post
- harness line problem, what type of harness are you using, seat, waist?
can make a big difference, you have to learn to really hang DOWN from the boom.
independent of board (K86&3.7 to iS133&9.5) lines always 28.
Seat harness. I'm kind of confused about what Roger said about shortening my harness lines - I read many times on this forum, that the lines should be quite long, to keep the sail upright (more power).
Unless I make them shorter I will have to learn how to lean down more, as currently my arms seem to long and I'd have to stick my butt out (bad idea?).


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