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I used to have the Aero 117. Very similar shape, only width differs. I came to this board from a wave perspective s to say, but it turned out to be the board that introduced me to the "freeride feel". So, its definitely not a bad freerider. The rocker is similar to Kombats and Pure Acids and those are proven fast in the right conditions (a few GPS readings over 40 knots). I sailed my smaller Kombat just below 30 knots the other day and that is not much slower than I am on an iSonic (being the wave sailor I am). The downside of the Aero speed wise is that it is a rather big and wide board that at the same time has many control oriented aspects in its shape. So, in light wind, it will be beaten my more effective shapes (iS, Futura and maybe Carve) and in high wind it will be beaten by smaller boards since control. So, the Aero may not be the easiest board to be really fast on, but I still think its a good freerider speed wise.

Another thing to note is that the Aero has a pretty short rocker. That makes it ned more technique to get going early that fx a Carve. With a god technique, you can get it going super early, but if technique is lacking it will take some more sail power to go.

Th area where the Aerovrocks is of course maneuvers. Few, if any, boards in this size will turn as smoothly as the Aero and few will handle waves in the same excellent way.
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