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Alright, I have an amazing price on a 2007 Flare 88 that has been used for 2 hours total. I am looking to get into freestyle and think this board would be awsome. I am going to be sailing it with a 5.8 down to a 4.2 in conditions that varry from flat water to choppy conditions. I sail a hypersonic, and am aware that the freestyle boards do require a front foot riding style. I can learn that for sure.

Should I go for it? I am 150 pounds/67-68 kg

Or, I have the choice of getting a 2006 RRD FSW 85 for the same price. I hear that RRD is one of the best makers of FSW's and read lots of reviews. I am only worried, w ith its weight of 5.9 kg, that its going to get damaged easier. Not the thing to worry abotu when trying new tricks and forwards etc


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