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The RRD is a nice board which a few of my friends had an liked, but its more of a wave/crossover board and not as dedicated for freestyle as the Flare. I personally never used the 88 but used to have the predecessor the 06 Flare 94 (actually a few liters smaller, I think, so pretty close to the 88). I weight as you and the 94 was very easy to get going also with bigger sails like 5.9 and even 6.3. For pure light wind freestyle efforts, a bigger board will be easier maybe, but for a more all round performance over the 4.2-5.8 spectrum the 88 is probably a very good choice. Its good both in flat stuff and in chop and has a very nice freeride feel to it also, when you get tired of just busting tricks. You might wanna get a bigger fin for 5.8, especially before you get the hang of sailing with super small fins like most freestyle guys do.
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