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Hi, windsurferdagg!

I have the 88 litre flare 07 and It's just the best board I've ever ridden. It's a board that's all about control and fast freestyle. It's pretty wide for its volume and it doesn't slide around as fast as other boards which gives you the feeling that you have time to flip the rig or to do whatever you need to do and it makes you feel comfortable. It's also pretty fast so when you are powered up it pops effortlesly, but in my oppinion feels a bit sticky when you are underpowered. A great board for spocks, grubbies, flakas and switch moves, you can easily step into switch stance because the board's not tippy at all. It's also a good board for the old school tricks like carving 360s and jibes and stuff like that.

I'm 60 kg and the board is just about the perfect size for me, i use sails from 5.6 down to 3.7 and my fin is 13 cm(just cut down the stock drake crossover fin).

My dad also uses it now and then, he's 70 kg and mostly uses a starboard sonic 95 (2004), not a freestyle type of person, rides more on the back foot similar to what you've written and he hasn't had any spin out trouble with his 6,2 and the 22 cm stock fin, and also no major spin-outs with a 5,3 and my mini 13 cm fin.

I've also ridden the RRD fsw 85 2006, it's not as good as the flare for spinnig tricks, can't say that it's not a good board for freestyle but it's just not the Flare. The RRD is I think 2 cm narrower which makes a surprisingly big difference even when riding in a straigh line, and the difference is pretty obvious when not planning, in tacks and in carving maneuvers. It is a bit easier to pop in my oppinion, because you can feel the board come off the water, which isn't so with the flare. Because of that, the RRD is better at speedloops and jumps in chop.

All in all, although both boards are great, for freestyle you should go with the flare.

And lastly - as much as i'd love it, i'm not in any way connected to starboard and therefore not obliged to promote the boards. This post is just a statement of me as a proud owner of the flare.

All the best and have fun in the world of freestyle

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