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Hi Tom.
Iīm not part of the team, but Iīm the same weight as you, I had the Carve 145 and I do have the Aero 127 so I think Iīm into some relevant knowledge.
First of all: itīs two different boards and the Aero has to be considered a smaller board than the Carve even though the width is almost the same.
The 145 planes noticeable earlier, and it has a better top speed. Itīs easier to get started too due to the longer rocker/waterline. Itīs a very traditional and lovely freeride board.
The Aero is very short and wide and so quite technical to get started. It feels quite fast but it isnīt. It can be a very nice freerider even with sails close to 9.0 m2 and itīs very loose and comfortable to sail. Where it really shines is in bumpīn jump conditions. It can really be thrown around in chop and it jibes like a dream. If it was a bicycle it would be a mountain bike ;-). Itīs actually fun in waves (those ordinary wind driven ones most of us consider waves).

So if the Aero will be your biggest board instead of the carve you will loose some planing time and you have to live with more sailors passing you. If the Aero is meant to challenge you more than the Carve in jumping and jibing itīs great, but be aware: itīs a different and technical board. I almost put mine for sale after the first sessions. Today Iīm very happy I didnīt. It has really changed my way of surfing a lot and made a lot of sessions something more than blasting back and forth with a jibe in each end.
Regarding the fins: The Drake freeride 40 fin is crap. I switched mine to a 44 freeride fin (cheap Pro-Limit nothing special) and it made a huge difference in planing, pointing and speed.
The wave fin is ok fun and quite loose.

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