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Default Pure high wind freeride, 69 kg.

I was following the other thread about which pure acid is the right one for 69 kg. and bay area conditions (meet both, weight and "spot").

And the last post about the failure of the 74 in today's strong winds.. this really hurts, because is "the" big problem I have been trying to find an answer for..

My question is a little bit different:

Starboard team, which is the right board for pure freeride, no compromises on comfort (absolutely no waves, no speed, no freestyle), high wind (30 - 40 knots), and bone-breaking chop, light weight people?

A board that let's you be there.. or helps you be there

If I would like to compromise, it would be with subplaning pointing ability, because in the bay area the wind drops, and there's some current, yes.

I had the acid 77 2003, never used it in the bay, but I know it wouldn't be comfortable enough in these conditions, although it had excellent marginal, subplaning "back to home" skills..

Now I have a quatro 69 2003, wrong option, hard in the extreme shop, definitively I'm unable to make it back to the right beach when the wind drops (and we are talking about severe drops)..

Does it exist? that magic board for light weights?
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