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Originally Posted by puclaro View Post
which is the right board for pure freeride, no compromises on comfort (absolutely no waves, no speed, no freestyle), high wind (30 - 40 knots), and bone-breaking chop, light weight people?
For my 65 kg, the best so far is an Acid 62 (2003-2004).

Quick to planing, fast, always on top control and top comfort in epic conditions, goes upwind surprisingly well in dead onshore conditions, huge wind range for hardcore freeriding/B&J/wave riding: I'm using it from 20 up to 40-45 knots with 5.4/4.7/4.2/3.6/3.3 m2 sails. True, when wind drops, I'm sinking up to waist level, but that's the price to pay for a truly radical board. There is nothing better than a narrow board for a lightweight hardcore freerider in nuke conditions IMHO (e.g., the Evo 62 is too wide for my taste).

Sorry, never tried a Pure Acid 68 yet. I'll leave it to Ola to compare Acid 62 and PA 68.

Cheers !

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