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Default RE: 11.0 on F-Type 148?...

Hi Pete,
I will have the new boards for '07 right after the Surf Expo Trade Show in
Orlando on September 15-17th.
Not sure what they are bringing, but I hope there is an Apollo in the mix.
If I do get an Apollo, I should know by the middle of the week after the Trade Show what the board is all about.
I think for those of us who sail in shallow or weedy areas, I'll have to check with the fin guys I'm working with on a big modern weed fin that will
work as closely to a 75 cm rake 0 deg. Debo/Drake as I can get them to develop.
The board might be wonderful for deep/clean water sailing but for Hatteras or the coastal areas of Florida and Texas, it simply isn't going to work.
Hope this helps,
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