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Thanks for the answers, yeah, that's the point, no doubt a 68-69 lts. with the right shape (not the quatro, that probably is too pure wave) will behave sweet in the upper winds, but for sure missing some volume when it drops, or maybe some vee? maybe some length?

The thing is, it seems today everything is wide, short, single concave, fast rockered.. are these characteristics the opposite for high wind freeride comfort plus subplaning survival ability?

Narrow, longer, heavy vee, tail rocker.. are those the characteristics that would make the dream board, allowing for extra volume and extra subplaning tracking ability without losing high wind comfort?

Ola, from your reply it seems there's no *board from today that would fit this need, do you know if some past model will do it? Still is possible to look for them.. and that's the board I need the most..
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