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The Evo 62 is a very nice board for subplaning ability on a straight line. It kept planing better than the Acid 62 once hitting a hull, mainly owing to its width. However, it's not as comfortable as a narrow board such as an Acid 62 : it does yield a bumpy ride when chop gets nasty in nuke conditions. Same with a HiTech wave 8'6" (259 x 56 cm x 36 cm OFO x 80 L) : it's way too wide and bumpy with say a 3.6 sail. Width alone is not the main criteria, however. Forgiving rails with a razor sharp tail block helps a lot in keeping comfort (and control).

I guess your best bet is to try to demo a PA 68 (or even the PA 74 of Davide) if you want to discover the magic board for you and your conditions. In order to find the good compromise and ideal blend of specific requirements among many (and sometimes antinomic) characteristics is unfortunately (and only) done by objective testing.

Cheers !

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