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Originally Posted by puclaro View Post
Ola, from your reply it seems there's no *board from today that would fit this need, do you know if some past model will do it? Still is possible to look for them.. and that's the board I need the most..
The most control oriented Starboard from "my time" was the 2003 Acid 70 and the 2004 Acid 74 (similar shapes). I seriously don't think they would make better high wind freeriders than the current PAs though. And one problem is that to get something really controllable in super high wind, you pretty much _have_ to reduce volume. I personally don't feel length help and then, if you reduce width your stuck with lots of thickness if you want to keep volume and thickness is really bad for control.

But I have a bit hard to perfectly relate to this as I really think that for freeride stuff, the PA74 will handle a huge amount of wind at my weight. When I'm freeriding, I want to be a bit on the edge. It different when you're riding waves because 1. you need much more control once on the wave and 2. if some pats of the sailing is open ocean, you can't afford this require to much power since you need to save this for the riding part (which takes a lot of power in high wind). For Wave riding, I don't like the PA 74 with sails smaller than say 4.2 and my preferred board is the EVO 62 (over the PA68) _because_ of its much shorter length which gets blow around less and more control oriented bottom shape. But for blasting only, i've yet to find the limit of the PA74. Its not only that I can take more when I'm not in the waves, its also how sail the board, ie more "flat out, let it fly style". The PA74 is one of these shapes that just get more stable the more you charge it. If I didn't wave sail, i don't think I would have a smaller board. But then again, these things - as everything - are very personal. I never liked the Acid 62 that much, but JM loves it.

I think you should try to sail a pA74 and see for yourself how you like it.
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